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May 09 2015

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shirt #2 of today
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When people ask you what you want to do with your degree and you have no idea.

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May 05 2015

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April 28 2015

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push yourself
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April 26 2015

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April 23 2015

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Choose your own adventure
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April 21 2015

Noise Tales know you're German when you can open 8 beers at once. via Das Kraftfuttermischwerk
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April 14 2015

It's like looking in a mirror.
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March 26 2015

Samantha Fortenberry’s Colorful Photos Of People Enjoying A Soak In The Tub


Photographer Samantha Fortenberry’s colorful images reveal the pleasure of a good soak in the tub. Her aerial photos are part of an on-going series called Suds and Smiles, and it features people alone in their bathrooms. Naked, they revel in water as the space is peppered with familiar objects, and it reflects their personality. “I have taken my models and either asked them to collect an array of items that mean something to them, or I designed them a set based on an idea of their choosing,” she writes in an email to Beautiful/Decay.

As we gaze at Fortenberry’s subjects, we act as voyeurs to their pleasant time. There’s genuine looks of joy on some of the model’s faces, and when juxtaposed with the bright colors and playful objects, we too derive some pleasure from it.

Suds and Smiles also celebrates the figure. “With this series I also wanted to display the nude human body in a natural and beautiful way,” Fortenberry writes. “I want to collect a wide variety of people in all shapes and sizes to display the various form of beauty each person has.



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